“The aim is to always make the greatest record ever”

Record Producer and Mix Engineer.

MPG Awards 2024 Breakthrough Producer Of The Year Nominee

Elliot’s main goal is to create powerful music that transcends expectations and moves people.

His journey from touring drummer to acclaimed producer reflects his commitment to creating powerful and resonant music experiences.

With his infectious enthusiasm and musical insight, Elliot has earned national airplay on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2, alongside international recognition on platforms like Netflix and ITV’s ‘Love Island’.

His ability to capture the energy of live performances in the studio underscores his prowess as a producer with a keen ear for talent.

"He’s sort of another band member rather than just a producer really. He gets what we’re trying to do and it’s just really fun working him."

- Tina Maynard (Masca, Seour)